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Picture books and novels in which cats and aliens play an active role are included in the "Mike's Picture Books" series. All are on sale on Kindle (electronic books).

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Uchu no Kimari (Mike's Picture Book Series)  Kindle Edition

April 12, 2020

What is the rule of the universe? Is there a rule in the universe?
Have you ever thought about that? If you think that the principles and principles that are accepted as commonplace in our world are the rules of the universe, it is the key to know the stage of this world.
A children's philosophical picture book studded with the theorems of the universe.
It is a fun picture book drawn by various techniques one by one.

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​Sora Moyo (Mike's picture book series)  Kindle Edition

May 07, 2018

What is the weather today? How is the sky? This time, I focused on the transition with the theme of familiar "sky". Typical weather and weather are taken up and introduced one by one on each page, so it is ideal for remembering the types of weather. In the latter half, it is the last to warm the heart by entwining the movement of the creature's heart as the weather changes. 29 pages in total.


The cat and the disappeared human beings (second novel)

February 18, 2018

One day, a stray cat who always lives in a parking lot realizes that the world is strange when he wakes up. There are no people. The woman who gives me rice every morning doesn't show up and no one passes by. This is a stray cat who decides to explore the city because it is strange. The cat's "search for humanity" will soon reach beyond imagination. Is this the work of aliens ...! Or ... A story that is an easy-to-understand and fun reinterpretation of the invisible reality that is happening on the earth based on the events such as "Ascension" and "Ascension" that are bustling with people these days. This is a spin-off novel from Mike's picture book series. Since the letters are large and one episode is short, it is easy to read even for those who are not accustomed to reading books. All 67 pages.


​What happens if it does? (Mike's picture book series)  Kindle Edition

August 28, 2017

What happens to us after we die? The author, who has a near-death experience, explains this question, which everyone thinks once, based on his own experience. It is a shocking work that explains life and death with easy-to-understand and fun pictures. All 33 pages.


I'm not alone even if I'm lonely (Mike's picture book series)  Kindle Edition

​June 20, 2017

The first work in Mike's picture book series. Two aliens who appeared in front of a stray cat feeling lonely alone. I traveled between them and learned that they are not all alone.

​ Uses various painting materials such as pastel, watercolor, and spray by clip studio. I aimed for such a work that warms my heart. All 32 pages.

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